The photographer Monika and Klaus

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Monika  &  Klaus

The photographer Monika and Klaus and her favourite hobbies

Klaus talks about Monika:

Farbbild von Monika Schwarz-Weißbild von Monika

Monika has three favourite hobbies: Cooking, reading and taking photographs.

All of her cooked food tastes very good and it does not matter, what kind of recipe it is. That is the reason, why I have to do a lot of sports, to keep my body in shape.

Let us talk about her photography: she loves taking pictures of flowers and animals. Since 2006 she works with a Canon EOS 350D, a digital camera, which is always on duty while travelling around.

Monika talks about Klaus:

Farbbild von Klaus Schwarz-Weißbild von Klaus

When Klaus is not working in the gym, he likes to spend time on his hobbies: taking photographs, editing pictures and creating digital slide shows. He is going to bring it to perfection, no matter, what time it costs, but the result is always well worth seeing.

With his Canon EOS 20D he is taking a lot of photos, but he is specialized in landscape-panorama-pictures.

It is nice sharing your hobby with your partner, who loves taking photos as much as yourself and our slogan is: "Take a shot more, or two - or three...!"

Have fun while viewing our pictures.

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